electronics kit · px15c · 2021-11-14 · Daniel

I like to build electronics kits. I don't have superior skills in this area, but I can work a soldering iron, and I enjoy the time. My most recent project was to build a PX-15C, an HP-15C emulator.

HP RPN calculators have been my favorites since I was introduced to them at university: RPN is a much more natural fit for the way I think, so I purchased an HP-28S, which became my go-to calculator until I got an HP48G. I always liked the landscape layout of the HP-15C, but I never owned one.

Recently I saw a post on hackaday about the PX-15C calculator kit, and I decided I needed to add this kit to my portfolio. It was weeks before the kits were back in stock, but I eventually received my kit and set to work.

This is a great kit, and the fruit of my labor is a cool, useful calculator. Next I want to build the same seller's PX41C kit, which as I'm sure you guessed is an HP-41C emulator.


partway done

completed kit

I got a case for my kit as well, and the Tindie seller has printable keyboard overlays, as you can see in these pics.

case 1

case 2

Finally, a family photo showing my HP-28S, HP48G, and PX-15C. What a great set of calculators! And yes, they all work.

family photo