watches · chronosport sea quartz 30 steinhart gmt magnum · 2021-11-12 · Daniel

As I mentioned in the previous post, I recently decided to look for a Chronosport Sea Quartz 30. As a fan of the original "Magnum, p.i." show, this was something of a grail watch for me. They aren't particularly difficult to find, but finding one with a box is a treat. Mine isn't perfect, but it is 40 years old and has not been restored, and I think it's in great shape for what it is.

I bought mine on eBay, from the original owner. He did not have the original bracelet/strap for it, but he included a janky velcro strap, which I immediately removed and tossed in the box. I have a few NATO straps that are the correct width for the Chronosport, so I'm using those until I buy a Tropic strap for it.


My first "Magnum" watch was the Steinhart GMT, which I bought a few years ago right after Christmas, just a couple months after I learned about the watch from some fellow Magnum fans on the Magnum Mania Forums. I'll post more about the Steinhart soon.


The original owner included all of the watch's service paperwork as part of my purchase. The paperwork shows that he bought it in January of 1982 and had it serviced several times before putting it in a drawer in 1991. I scanned all the paperwork, and will post it after I block his personal information from the images.

Here are several other images of the watch:


The Lume still works, but not for very long:





Finally, a couple of wrist shots. This watch is the largest I would consider wearing on my 6.5" wrist. Some people might say it's too big, but I think it's fine. I just wouldn't want to go larger than this.

wrist wrist